Youtube vs Tiktok | Youtube Shorts App Launch Date

The life of humans is completely filled with adventures, ups, and downs, systoles, and diastoles. Humans having feelings like joy and sorrow. Sorrow is a really painful condition, every person wants to cry very loudly and in joy, we share our happiness by sharing greetings, sending best wishes, by singing and dancing, etc.

Top Dances in India:

India is the country of festivals. In former times festivals and events are celebrated by cooking sweet dishes, sending wishes and sources of entertainment were traditional dancing and singing, in old times hand made musical instruments like dholak, veena, sitar, sarangi, flute, and sarod, etc used to make music for dance. The folk dances like Tamil Nadu dance Bharatnatyam, North Indian dance Kathak, kuchi Pudi, kathakali, Punjabi folk dances bhangra, luddi, jhumar and gidha, Rajasthani folk dance chari, Gujarati dance like garbha, dandiya and many more. Without dance and music, every event is incomplete. Now technology developed and maintained every system of life. From the birth of a baby to the end of life everything is in the hand of technology. Musical instruments are also collected in all new gadgets. Simply we can say technology consumes mostly all the traditions. Now only one technology product can hold all music instruments. The music albums, films, videos are prepared in a few days. Life becomes very fast with technology. We can communicate at a long distance. Researchers in technology are continuously working and improve everything which we use in daily life.  The main reason all of this is the human brain and talent.

Technology empowering Talent:

Today we will talk about the demonstrating and extending of our talent with the help of technology. Every person got a talent form birth most of the people having the talent for dancing, singing, and painting, etc. Nowadays we can show our talent and acquisitions through technology. Many TV shows and daily new competitions start in the whole world for growing new talent. But this is not possible for everyone to get an entry into these TV shows and competitions. So what can you do???? Technology is the answer to your question. We can use our smartphones, cameras and our other tech gadgets for the production of our talent and become popular. Technology plays a great role in your success.

Let's talk about your smartphone. Every person buys a smartphone these days and every time the phones are in our hands. There are many apps, sites are available on your phone which can help you. So these apps are-
Youtube vs Tiktok

Youtube is better then Tiktok?
  • Youtube- Youtube is a great platform for talented persons. It is an open-source platform for everyone. Youtube is an online video-sharing platform. It helps to interact with the audience to show your talent. YouTube is an American company. The headquarters are located in San Bruno California. YouTube is founded on 14 February 2005 ( 14 years ago). On this platform, we can create our own channel. Youtube allows the users to like, dislike, rate, and give a review on the videos.  We can also share our videos if we want to show our creativity. The subscription and views are important for the channel. Nowadays every artist has a Youtube channel because this platform is the simplest and smart way to gain a true audience. We can attend online classes and sharp up our talent. There are many channels are available on YouTube for Dance online classes as one of my favorites is Manpreet Toor. YouTube creators can earn through Google AdSense.

  • Youtube benefits:
  1. Show your talent.
  2. Gain Audience
  3. Earn by your videos

Tiktok is the best platform for new creators?

  • Tik Tok- Tik Tok is the world-famous application. In this, we can share our videos and sounds. We can edit our videos with so many inbuilt editing tools. There are many effects like background changers and face Morpheus etc emojis and filters are available to make your video more attractive and loving. We can shoot our singing and dancing videos to gain more and active audience. Tiktok is also a good platform for any ground-level artist. This is the second top most popular app/ website after YouTube using for demonstrating your talent. This platform helps you to gain an audience but there are no revenue-generating features or programs in Tiktok yet.

  • Tiktok Benefits

  1. Show your talent.
  2. Gain Audience same as youtube
  3. You can not earn by Tiktok

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