Youtube Shorts Beta Version Launched - Tiktok enabling Monetization

YouTube is the biggest force in the world, and now it is going to bring a very big bang for its state. This offering is going to be a headache for some people. YouTube had been worrying about its fear of defeat for a long time. Now Google has extracted such a message that its YouTube will be relieved.

Youtube Shorts Latest Beta Version Download

Youtube Shorts Beta Version Launched - Tiktok enabling Monetization
Youtube Shorts - The Tech Guard

In Google Play Store you have seen so many beta version applications. Do you know what it means? Beta version means in development application or test version of that particular application. Now Google going to release the Youtube Shorts application beta version in Play Store to test all features available in the youtube shorts application.

Youtube Shorts Features Revealed Beta Version

  • Users can create 15sec to 60sec videos.
  • Add any music in their videos like Hollywood and Bollywood songs.
  • Existed Youtube Creators or Youtube Stars can join a YT partner program easily.
  • You need a minimum of 1000 followers as a youtube channel to enable monetization.
  • Youtube shorts allow you to interact with your followers directly by live streaming.
  • Watch hours also important requirements for Youtube Shorts Monetization eligibility.

Is Tiktok really in danger because of Youtube Shorts?

No, Tiktok has its own customers or users who love TikTok very much and they spend their whole time on TikTok. As TikTok little bit affects Youtube audience during his successful period, Youtube Shorts will also give some effects to Tiktok but no doubt after this Tiktok also do something different to gain more users.

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