Youtube Shorts Launch Date - Tiktok in Danger

Youtube Launching app to defeat Tiktok

Tiktok launched in china in 2016 and then released in the whole world in 2018. Tiktok has 1.5 Billion active users. Tiktok never offers to its users to enable monetization like Youtube. Tiktok only offers some sponsorships program to its users who have more than 1 million fans. But common users can not earn through Tiktok. An earning is nowadays very important from social platforms, Youtube is on number one to help its creators to generate sufficient revenue from their videos.
Youtube Shorts Launch Date - Tiktok in Danger
Youtube Shorts Launch Date - Tiktok in Danger

Tiktok in Danger because of Youtube Shorts

Tiktok increasing popularity affecting Youtube, but now Youtube clears that they are working on something interesting for their users. Google working on its new project which will be named 'Youtube Shorts'. YouTube shorts application is going to be launched very soon which will be exactly like Tik Tok. 'Youtube Shorts' official announcement is on the way from officials but we giving you the true news given by our reporters.

Can we monetize Youtube Short videos?

As you all know, monetization is not enabled in Tik Tok, but the biggest good news is that as soon as the YouTube shorts launch, your monetization will be enabled after uploading videos in YouTube shorts. The monetization is the main attractive point with Youtube Shorts because creators spent their precious time producing videos for their channels.

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Requirements for YouTube Shots to earn money

 A new application of YouTube shorts will be created or a new feature will be added within the YouTube application that you have and you can upload videos in YouTube shorts like Tik Tok. The Youtube Shorts requirement may be the same as the Youtube channel because the number of creators is now in billions. If they never create requirement boundaries for creators then so much spam content easily monetized.

YouTube Plans 'Shorts' to Rival TikTok — The Information
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