Importance of daily workout, healthy diet, Secretion of hormones in our lifestyle

Today's generation of youth is very different from any that has preceded it. Children in today's society have countless technological blessings that previous generations could not have possibly enjoyed. Between gaming systems, instant messaging, email, and the Internet, most teens do not allocate as much time as they should to performing physical activities. This trend of inactiveness is not solely rising in the teenage generation. Likewise, adults are finding it more difficult to find time for regular exercise in their busy schedule. Between work and keeping up a relationship or raising a family, they tend to stop being active. As a result, this can seriously affect their physical health, especially later on in life. Therefore, to secure healthy mental and physical well-being throughout one's life, it is important to maintain an active lifestyle. Being active has tremendous effects on a person's physical health. 

Importance of daily workout in our life

Merely jogging, swimming, or taking part in any other activity on a regular basis can help the human body perform more efficiently and live longer. Studies have proven that one's weight can be kept under control by taking part in regular exercise. The heart of an individual with an ideal weight is put under less stress and thereby is less likely to suffer from arrhythmia than the heart of an overweight individual. By being active, an individual's lungs will become more efficient which will, in turn, lead to fewer occurrences of shortness of breath. Though giving examples of the positive effects of staying active is useful, making it even easier to see the benefits would be given the negative effects of being extremely inactive. 

Videogames are dangerous to our physical?
A young man, due to sitting in the same position for more than 15 hours while playing a videogame, developed a blood clot in his leg which then traveled through his bloodstream to his heart, causing serious damage. By performing little physical activity, your body will take longer to heal from injury and illness. 

What is a sedentary lifestyle?
A sedentary lifestyle is a living style in which a person, either an adult or a child, does not participate in a lot of physical activity or exercise for what is generally considered healthy living. The term is usually used by doctors or professionals within the medical community to describe a lifestyle among many people in highly developed countries that do not afford the opportunities for physical activity. This type of living has been heavily influenced by the passive forms of entertainment such as television, video games, and computer use. Along with such inactive types of entertainment, shifting of large numbers of adult workers from physical labor to office jobs has also increased the tendency for many people, especially in technologically developed nations, toward a sedentary lifestyle. A healthy active lifestyle is considered to be a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and a regular exercise plan. It generally also includes an absence of unhealthy habits, such as smoking. 

Importance of healthy diet in our lifestyle
A healthy active lifestyle is a lifestyle that many people of all ages strive for, and with a little effort, it is entirely possible to achieve through some simple life changes. One way to get a healthy active lifestyle is to start with a healthy diet. Try eliminating some of the unhealthiest foods from the diet, or making some substitutions. For instance, if you have a soda or two every day, that could be replaced with water. 
Importance of daily workout, healthy diet, Secretion of hormones in our lifestyle

The major disadvantage of leading a sedentary lifestyle is obesity
A regular snack of chips or cookies might be replaced with whole-grain fruit or nuts. Many people also choose to take a daily multivitamin to make up for any deficiencies in their diet. The major disadvantage of leading a sedentary lifestyle is obesity. Due to lowered activity, the number of calories burnt is far less than those consumed leading to obesity. Increased fat deposition in the body increases the risk of suffering from diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, and more. 

Improper Secretion of hormones
A sedentary lifestyle is not only a problem in adults even kids become a victim of this problem. It results in the development of metabolic disorders such as improper secretion of hormones such as insulin, cholesterol metabolism, and many other diseases. 

The cons of leading a sedentary lifestyle
• Research work has shown that people who lead a sedentary lifestyle become aged very fast. 
• Sedentary lifestyle promotes the formation of blocks within arteries resulting in circulatory problems that lead to heart-related problems such as atherosclerosis. 
• Decreased activity increases the risk of developing certain types of cancers such as breast cancer, colon cancer, Neema Singh, and other types of malignant tumors. 
• The reduced activity also reduces muscle strength, joint structure, and functioning, thus predisposing the person to diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis where bones become brittle and fragile. 
• Leading a sedentary lifestyle reduces the brain activity making the person less reactive which in turn hinders the individual's work progress. Lack of sufficient work progress makes the person depressed. 
• Individuals who lead a sedentary lifestyle from childhood develop high blood pressure at a very early age. 
• Individuals who lead a sedentary lifestyle do not love to socialize much and remain at home all the time glued to the couch. There aren’t any pros for a sedentary lifestyle. One thing that helps people when thinking of changing is to list the benefits and costs of changing or continuing their current behavior. 

What are the pros and cons of these lifestyles?
•Look better •Feel better physically •More self-confidence •Sleep better •More active with friends•Much more productive at home and work Costs:•Have to buy shoes and other equipment •Could get injured •Can take away time with family•More easily stressed •More cranky •Weight gain •Feel embarrassed about how I look •I eat more and drink more •Can’t be as active with the kids •Am worried about my health and longevity 
•Not as productive at work According to the facts obviously an active lifestyle It is the best. 

So in order to keep in shape basically eat right and exercise. Don’t eat junk food eat fruits and vegetables. Don’t play video games, watch TV, or be on the computer for too long. Instead, do something like a sport or a workout. There shouldn’t be an excuse for why you are not active because there are many activities you could do. So be healthy and be smart.

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