Which cancer is the most curable? How Cancer effects our Lifestyle? Why are cancer rates increasing in the UK

Which cancer is the most curable?

Which cancer is the most curable? How Cancer effects our Lifestyle?

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A very famous saying states that medicine and prayer can save you from any disease. But what will happen if the only way of getting a cure after getting on the patient’s bed is prayer? 
A bit complicated.
Cancer is one of the leading causes of death today threatening millions of families in direct and indirect ways. Cancer is not only a disease but it is the sign of “unhealthy” in all the aspects. It forces thousands to sell their property, their cattle, their jewelry, and many more but still unable to cure this fatal disease. In a few cases, cancer left the body when this soul left it.

Why are cancer rates increasing in the UK

Cancer is not an unknown disease, everyone has encountered this word at least once. In simple term, cancer is a part of tissue which is unnecessary in nature and causing harm to the body. There is nothing new in this feature. Our human body is made up of cells that have a tendency to replicate by pushing dead cells aside. But when this growth became uncontrolled and starts causing harm to the human body then it is a matter of concern and this is what leads to cancer. So cancer is the extra growth of cells which adversely affects the human cells. The aging population is one of the biggest factors affecting the increase in cancer diagnoses.

What causes such disease?

To be specific cancer is caused by “Carcinogens”{cancer causing causes}. This includes radiations, toxic chemicals, tumors, and various other agents.
When these carcinogenic materials came into the contact of living cells it makes them harmful my altering its DNA and other chemical activities hence resulting in uncontrolled growth which later on results in Cancer.

Cancer is not always fatal because of its duality. When cancer gets static to only one part of the body without proliferating, then it can be cured using various techniques this is one type. Whereas if it is malignant tumor{Cancer} which has a tendency to proliferation from one place to another then it is the cause of concern and it can be proved fatal if not detected earlier. There are various forms of Cancer like breast Cancer, throat cancer, skin cancer, urine cancer, blood cancer, and many more.

According to new research, cancer may include the property of “regionally”.  A bit shocked? Let me brief! So basically what is found is that one region of the world says one country can have one special form of cancer prevailing whole nation but that special form is very recessive of less dominant in other regions of the world.

Cancer Treatment in India:

Cancer Express:-

India is one the fastest growing economy in the world but lack a few basic features of social infrastructure such as health. States like Myanmar, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, are quite high in cancer patients' numbers. The primary cause of cancer in India is a tobacco product, cigarettes, drinking Alcohol, biological magnification, and smoking. The youth here are so fond of smoking and using tobacco products that for consuming them they even practice theft, robbery, and other illegal means.

“Cancer Express”, an informal name given to a training run in Punjab which has more than 30% of its passenger as a cancer patient who is going for treatment

Is there any Cure for Cancer in the USA?

So as we discussed earlier that that cancer which stays at one part can be cured. But the question here is how will we identify the type? So there is a process called a biopsy, which includes the step of taking a small part of the tumor, sending it to the test center which will assign you a detailed report about the type of Cancer.  So if it is the first type of cancer then it will be removed using surgery, chemotherapy, etc. But if it is malignant one { which proliferates } then it will be difficult to control them and in such cases treating patients under medical surveillance for years by radiation and therapy. Unfortunately, we haven’t found any true cure for cancer yet which can be confidentially used for treating patients. Many universities, the pharmaceutical companies are working on the topic to serve humanity.

But one thing which can be mentioned here is that if we found the cure it will, no doubt, have a higher cost which is not easily affordable for all and it will mark a line between rich and poor.

So as a part concluding para, we all should use these discoveries of science in a careful way so that we can live longer to use them. Cancer is also one of the negative faces of evil discoveries of bombs and appliances which release radiation. Also, we must avoid and make others also avoid tobacco and other similar harmful products which not only causing pain to the human body but also affecting nature.

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